What is GOTS and why is it important?

Our GOTS certification (GOTS Certificate No. Brands FASHION: CU830374) is an important component of our socially and environmentally responsible corporate concept. Brands Fashion does not only stand for product quality but for environmentally friendly production, social working conditions, efficiency and transparency.

The Global Organic Textile STANDARD (GOTS) is recognized as a leading global STANDARD for the processing of textiles from organically grown natural fibers. At a high level, it defines environmental requirements along the entire textile production chain and at the same time calls for compliance with social criteria.

The standard covers production, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, sales and distribution of all textiles composed of at least 70% controlled and organically produced natural fibers. We take the highest GOTS seal one step further and process textiles, which consist of 100% organic cotton.

All chemical additives such as dyes and aids, must meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria. The use of accessories is controlled from an ecological standpoint. A functional wastewater purification plant is required for all business premises that are active in wet finishing. All processing plants have minimum social criteria, such as safe working conditions and the prohibition of child labor. In addition, the certified goods may not, at any time, be "contaminated" with other goods during the processing procedures. This we guarantee through a separate GOTS-depot.

Our headquarters and logistics center in Buchholz (Germany), our finishing and clothing factory Brands Polska (Poland), our US headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as suppliers of each stage in the supply chain have been audited - they all received the GOTS certificate. Compliance with the strict criteria is reviewed by authorized employees of certification departments, through on-site inspections every year. Only through these proceedings, it is guaranteed that the high GOTS demands are perpetually adhered.

In addition to our GOTS certification, we are committed to the high social STANDARDS of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and are focused on sustainability. With our membership in the BSCI, we are committed to the auditing of our production partners and to comprehensive reviews of social and labor conditions. The absolute prohibition of child labor under the age of 14 is of course guaranteed, yet we examine many other relevant factors, such as the adherence of minimum wages; working hours; measurements of occupational health and safety; and fire protection. After each initial audit, we give our manufacturing partners the opportunity to follow the path of improvement with us. The factory must commit to concrete actions that we periodically check in re-audits. When auditing, we work with independently accredited testing institutes. If our producers repeatedly fail comply with our standards, we end the business relationship.

Furthermore, along with other international clothing companies, Brands FASHION is committed to an agreement, developed by trade unions and labor rights organizations, to improve fire and building safety in Bangladesh (Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh). With this, we want to express our efforts in assuming social responsibility in our production countries.