Reliable logistics and optimised shipping



Brands Fashion is both producer and service provider in one. Because we do not only manufacture the textiles, we also store, package and ship them – throughout the world.

Brands Fashion performs a very wide range of logistics tasks, from high-volume pallet shipments to the individual consignment of small parts. To give one example, we store the work clothes of many chain-store companies active throughout Europe and ensure that their outlets across the continent are continuously supplied. This allows new employees to receive their workwear very soon after they start, on request with a name tag or with the name embroidered in high quality directly into the clothes. Our modern high bay warehouse has over 7,000 pallet spaces and is supplemented by a warehouse with 1,500 pallet spaces at our Brands Polska production site at Somonino, near Gdansk in Poland, where our textiles can be quickly processed for rush orders.

In the retail market, we provide logistical support for on-pack promotions by bringing together the brand-name product and free gift, for example a bottle of Jägermeister with a T-shirt or a Unilever shower gel with a towel. For our customer Airbus, we ship merchandise articles worldwide and ensure smooth processing of orders and payments with customers as far afield as Asia, Africa and Australia.

We make your life easier with our full-service packages. When you choose Brands Fashion, everything is included – from large capacities for the proper warehousing of textiles and continuous inventory control, through cost-optimised shipping and simple returns management, to the maintenance of close contact with each individual end-user.