DETOX for merchandising items made for Greenpeace

By winning the international NGO working to protect nature, climate and the environment as a new client, BRANDS Fashion is implementing the ‘Greenpeace Global Textile Procurement Standard’.

We are delighted to welcome Greenpeace as a new customer

Mathias Diestelmann

And with Greenpeace comes a new textile standard. In 2011, the environmental organisation launched its DETOX MY FASHION campaign, calling upon the clothing industry to stop using hazardous chemicals, in a move to protect humankind and the planet. Drawing upon experiences and outcomes from the campaign, Greenpeace developed its own sustainable textile production standard for its own merchandise. We are now implementing this exacting standard and supplying Greenpeace with compliant textile merchandise.

What are the requirements set by the Greenpeace standard?

The standard requires companies to systematically avoid the use of hazardous chemicals in every step of textile manufacturing. It also only permits items made out of natural, organic and fairly produced fibres. BRANDS Fashion complies with the ‘Greenpeace Global Textile Procurement Standard’ by supplying textiles from the brand EarthPositive® that are GOTS certified and provided by Continental Clothing. The use of hazardous chemicals is strictly forbidden in all steps of the textile manufacturing process, including textile printing and chemical finishing. The entire supply chain is also fully disclosed and transparent, so all interested stakeholders can find out where the textiles have been produced. All wet-processing companies further up the supply chain must pass the chemical and wastewater criteria according to the Greenpeace Standard, using DETOX TO ZERO/ STeP by OEKO-TEX®.

Quality and sustainability are also closely monitored in textile printing processes.

All our products manufactured under the Greenpeace standard are printed by our printing partners – BRANDS Polska in Poland for the European market, and NorthShore Printing in the USA for the North American market

Mathias Diestelmann

This means that we are also able to work to short deadlines for both markets if necessary. Both printing companies only use printing pastes that are certified under ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® and/or GOTS. Both partners have been audited and certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Annex 6, to demonstrate that they do not exceed the chemical thresholds required by the Greenpeace Standard. This standard offers customers a trustworthy guarantee that textiles have been tested to meet strict standards protecting them from harmful substances.

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